Recovering from a disaster guide for businesses

January 22, 2020

The process of recovery from the bushfires can seem overwhelming, particularly when you don’t have a plan.

Developed by the NSW Small Business Commission, this step-by-step guide for business owners dealing with the bushfire provides information on how small businesses can recover and bounce back.

This guide provides information on the five phases of disaster recovery: from the moment the disaster has hit, to the actions you and your business can take over the days, weeks and months ahead. Each phase includes checklists that allow you to work through the phases of recovery, along with real-life case studies and directory of links and resources.

About RE:NSW

In response to both the global COVID-19 pandemic and recent bushfire disaster, there are a range of resources being distributed by a variety of local, state and national organisations. Destination Southern NSW and Destination Sydney Surrounds South are gathering this information together on RE:NSW to assist tourism operators to respond, recover and renew their businesses and local tourism region during and after the impact of these events.