COVID-19 Mental Health, Social Distancing and Staying Connected

March 30, 2020

The following information and resources provided by The University of Sydney, pertain to fact-checking details surrounding COVID-19-relevant practices, such as social distancing and what that means for you as a tourism destination, operator or business; as well as how to best take care of your mental health, while you’re also considering your physical health in isolation.

The past few weeks, in particular, have underscored just how important it is to stay connected, stay informed and to maintain personal and community wellbeing. To continue to make sense of this rapidly shifting crisis and implications for our regional tourism economy and relevant practices.

Understanding social distancing

New research from The University of Sydney, has indicated that “if social distancing measures were adopted by at least 80 per cent of the Australia population, we could expect to see a control of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in just over 3 months!”

Mythbusting with Dr Karl

Australian science guru Dr Karl Kruszelnicki talks about how individuals can do their own part to help flatten the COVID-19 contagion curve, while debunking some of the myths that have been spread about the virus itself.

Dealing with coronavirus anxiety

If you have been experiencing anxiety, uncertainty or feeling down amidst the COVID-19 changes and largely unprecedented global environment. This is not unusual and you are not alone. After all, the last time a world experienced a pandemic this severe was over 100 years ago!

To assist you in navigating this uncharted territory, from the perspective of maintaining mental health and personal wellbeing. The University of Sydney has created a podcast to discuss what we can each do to look after ourselves and our brains, during this difficult time.

About RE:NSW

In response to both the global COVID-19 pandemic and recent bushfire disaster, there are a range of resources being distributed by a variety of local, state and national organisations. Destination Southern NSW and Destination Sydney Surrounds South are gathering this information together on RE:NSW to assist tourism operators to respond, recover and renew their businesses and local tourism region during and after the impact of these events.