Value of Tourism to Southern NSW

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This report documents an initial stage of a project to assess the value of tourism
to Southern NSW and to communicate influentially within the region to build
support for further sector development.

“Tourism has been identified in Australia’s ‘next wave of prosperity’ as
one of the top five sectors of economic growth and has the potential to
become Australia’s fastest growing industry, according to Deloitte.”

Following many long years of COVID-19, the region is in recovery mode,
and tourists are returning. The region is seeing people coming for reasons
beyond just visiting friends and relatives.

In addition, those who are returning and not yet taking full advantage of
local attractions, arts and heritage, or sporting events. There is limited
engagement in sightseeing, with the majority of tourism spend associated
with overnight stays going to pubs, clubs and restaurants. Further
development of the sector is essential to capture the full potential in the

A key challenge to future development is that there are a mix of
perceptions about the value and future potential of tourism amongst
everyday people, businesses and industries in Southern NSW.
The benefits of the visitor economy are often hidden. Perceptions
of negative issues and problems associated with tourists (noise, mess,
poor behaviour, inflating rents, etc) also undermine the communities
confidence in the value of tourism to the region.

Engaging with the community to build an informed view on the value
tourism will help to resolve issues and build support for
further development.

Download a copy of the Value of Tourism to Southern NSW report.

Date completed

Jan 2024

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