Tathra Beachside

Tathra Beachside is a multi-award-winning park, located in Tathra, NSW. The park offers a range of accommodation options to suit guests with varying needs and budgets. From luxury, three-bedroom beach houses right through to shady camp sites, and lots of options in between.

Customer satisfaction is a big focus for the team at Tathra Beachside, with processes in place to ensure guests have a great experience. Through a “Two Way Guest SMS” tool, park staff are able to communicate directly with guests via text message. This is a great channel for staff to share the days planned activities, weather warnings and other emergency information, directly with guests. Guests often use the tool to inform reception if they will be arriving late, or wish to checkout late. After receiving text notifications of upcoming events and activities, guests will often extend their stay.

Once guests have checked into Tathra Beachside, they can communicate with reception via an app called the Guest Assist App. The Guest Assist App is integrated with the parks cloud based booking system and offers information for guests, used to foster a seamless stay. Examples of information accessible via the app include Wi-Fi connectivity, boom gate codes and a guide to what’s on in the park.

Tathra Beachside has recently introduced NEW.B.I.E, an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) chat bot that operates within their website, with the ability to answers simple questions autonomously. If the bot receives a question it cannot answer, it will direct the guest to reception staff. Introducing this form of A.I. is proving to be a genuine time saver for staff as well as guests, who appreciate having their questions answered instantly, at any time of the day or night.

Upon checkout, guests are emailed a link to an interactive guest survey. After the guest completes the survey, the park receives a mark out of ten, with the results accessible to all staff instantaneously. The results are used to measure guest satisfaction, which can be compared over a period of days, months and years. Feedback gathered via the survey is used to improve business processes. Positive guest comments are shared to inspire staff to continue the great work they do.

The staff at Tathra Beachside encourage all business owners to regularly review the processes and tools they have in place, to continuously improve the guest experience. It pays to keep up to date with industry innovations, especially when technology is involved. While making changes within a business can take time, effort and will often incur costs, increased profit and an enhanced customer experience, will make changes worthwhile.

Phone: 02 6494 1302

Website: www.tathrabeachside.com.au


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