Makers of Murrumbateman

The Makers of Murrumbateman is a collective of inspiring business owners, working together to promote Murrumbateman as a must-visit destination.

When working independently, it can be difficult for small business owners to attract tourists and grow their business. The Makers of Murrumbateman have combated this by pooling resources and creating events that drive visitation. The ability to attract large crowds benefits the businesses directly, as well as providing an economic boost to the local community.

The partnership allows business owners to be recognised as a cluster of tourism products, offering award-winning wines and dining options, cosy accommodation, fresh local produce, hand-made chocolates and creative, hand-crafted artwork. Product clusters are often more attractive to potential tourists than stand-alone products.

Working together, the group has the ability to put forward a strong case when applying for grants and funding. Among other benefits, the collaboration shows that potential funding will benefit a region, not just individual businesses. Successful funding applications have allowed the group to promote and grow an annual event, The Moving Feast. The Moving Feast is held over the long weekend in October and is one of the largest events on the local calendar, attracting an increasing crowd each year. The weekend is the most profitable period for most businesses within the Makers of Murrumbateman alliance. Positive flow-on effects are observed well beyond the event each year, as first-time visitors return again and again, bringing with them family and friends.

Wendy O’Dea, the president of the Makers of Murrumbateman, encourages all small businesses owners to establish partnerships and work collaboratively together to increase visitation to their region, for the benefit of all business owners.


Category: Case Studies