Lindner Socks

Lindner Quality Socks is a family-owned business proudly making a range of merino wool socks using traditional knitting machines, which are hand finished in a factory behind the retail shop in Crookwell, NSW. The family have been making socks for 10 generations, beginning in Thalheim Germany in the 1730’s.

Lindner Socks pride themselves on listening to and acting on customer feedback, even when it may seem harsh. They value feedback as a measure of what is going well in their business and as an essential tool to better understand how they can improve their products and service.  Responses to customer feedback, when actioned appropriately, should exceed customer expectations. Andrew Lindner, Sock Factory Director, believes ”If you give more than what is expected then raving fans will start to follow and promote your business”.

Andrew has communicated to all his staff ‘With every single interaction with a customer, we should imagine that they are intending to leave us a review online.  We’re aiming for all 5-stars’.  By adopting this mentality, Andrew believes his team can deliver quality products and a service that customers will love. If customers are not satisfied, Andrew’s goal is to surprise them with how well his team can address their issues.
Andrew encourages business owners to build a team who have similar values and work well together to achieve common goals. He admits that success takes time and brand trust and honesty are two of the most powerful elements in achieving success.

Additional tips from Andrew include staying in touch with the social media world, being aware of new trends and embracing change. He encourages business owners to be truthful, reliable and work hard to be good at what they do. Customers tend to support businesses who work towards positive change and support the local or wider community. These are actions that the Lindner family are proud to undertake.

“If all customers are treated as if they are the most important person in the world, they form a connection with you and become loyal fans. They usually come back and bring their friends and family as well. Word of mouth or genuine referrals are a powerful thing,” says Andrew.

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