Good Times Ahead for Australia’s Tourism Industry: University of Queensland

June 3, 2020

Gabby Walters, Associate Professor at the The University of Queensland’s Business School, has released a study looking into the Australian population’s response to COVID-19 and their future domestic travel intentions.

Published on April 24, the study surveyed 528 Australians evenly split between male and female and across a range of age groups and demographics. The study found that 58% of respondants were keen to travel domestically once it is percieved as being acceptable to do so, but at the time of questioning 81% stated they did not consider it safe to travel inside Australia yet.

The research then goes into perceptions and intentions of potential domestic visitors, and discussing how their behaviour will have changed since the impact of the pandemic.

To read the full study, including a detailed list of recomendations to Government and Industry, follow the link below.

About RE:NSW

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