A Reminder Of Safe Work Rebate Available To Small Business – Up To $500

June 25, 2020

Safe Work NSW is offering a rebate of up to $500 which may assist in covering installation of items to address COVID safety measures.

The rebate provides up to $500 to small business owners and sole traders in NSW who buy and install equipment to make their workplace safer.

Changes have been made to support small business and sole traders in NSW that have recently been impacted by a natural disaster, state of emergency or COVID-19

  1. Any sole trader or small business owner that has completed an eligible event with SafeWork after 1 August 2019 has 12 months to apply for the rebate.
  2. New workplace hygiene items are also eligible.

Before you apply

You need to:

  1. check the terms and conditions to make sure you are eligible
  2. attend a free eligible event or arrange a free advisory visit from a SafeWork NSW officer [Click through to see eligible events including online courses & webinars]
  3. buy and install eligible safety items to address a safety problem in your workplace.

About RE:NSW

In response to both the global COVID-19 pandemic and recent bushfire disaster, there are a range of resources being distributed by a variety of local, state and national organisations. Destination Southern NSW and Destination Sydney Surrounds South are gathering this information together on RE:NSW to assist tourism operators to respond, recover and renew their businesses and local tourism region during and after the impact of these events.


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